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Joe & Eileen in Rome - September 2000


We started our 14 Day Vacation to Italy on September 1, 2000 .  We went from the very North of Italy in Lugano Switzerland and traveled South to end in Rome.  I created Two Galleries, Italy1 & Italy2.  Italy3 are some photos of the couple we went with, John and Janet.  Click on each thumbnail to see a larger view, use the back button to return.


Italy1 are scenes from Lugano, Lake Como, Milan, Verona, Padua, Venice , Pisa, Florence, Naples, Sorrento and SanSevero.  Italy2 are scenes from Pompei and Rome (Page not complete yet)



We had two small deviations from the standard 14 day Perillo Tour map to the left.  On our trip we passed through Naples first then stayed overnight in Sorrento.  While in Sorrento we did not go with the tour to Capri but instead took a day trip to SanSevero.  The next day we went to Pompei then spent the last two days in Rome.

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